Malvern Hospitality Firm Plans Family-friendly Hooters Spinoff, ‘Hoot Wings,’ Across Philadelphia Region

Hoots Wings, Hooters spinoff
Image via Mike Beauchamp at the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Malvern-based ANZ Hospitality plans to open 16 locations of family-friendly Hooters spinoff across the Philadelphia region by 2026, writes Leanna Tilitei for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The hospitality company hopes to have the first of these planned franchises up and running by the end of this year.

Hoots Wings is a quick-service restaurant. It currently has seven locations in three states and is slated to add 17 locations by the end of 2021. The franchise has also signed development commitments in more than 85 locations.

ANZ Hospitality’s main focus is hotels, including top brands like the Hilton and Marriott. But the company has started adding quick-service restaurants to its portfolio more recently.

“We’ve noticed there aren’t any players who are truly active across the segment in different brands,” said ANZ Hospitality co-founder and CEO Chirag Patel. “We’re trying to create something where we can offer families four or five different concepts of food.”

The company has already identified three turnkey spaces located within five miles of Center City and is waiting on franchise approval to open them there.

Read more about ANZ Hospitality in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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