Local Homebuying Trend Has Purchasers Showing Huge Interest in Tiny Floorplans

tiny homes
Image via Main Line Today.
Karen Eckard's tiny home in West Grove.

The appeal of the sprawling Chester County estate, in all its multi-roomed glory, certainly speaks to a segment of the home-buying public. But a growing number of Chester County real estate purchasers are opting for something smaller. Much smaller. Roger Morris peeked into this trend for Main Line Today.

The so-called tiny house trend, those homes with 400 square feet of living space or left, are often young couples. They seek to escape the massive domiciles of their parents and opt for something more environmentally friendly.

On the other end of the spectrum, some older real estate shoppers prefer a nook that is easy to care for and navigate. They look for properties that are close to their adult children and grandchildren.

“I’m 65, so I can’t fix things around the house when they break, plus I don’t need all those extra rooms to fill up with stuff,” said Karen Eckard, who moved into a custom-built tiny home close to her daughter’s farm outside West Grove.

Eckard bought her home from Lancaster County’s TinyLuxHomes. She had several requests for customization before purchasing the house, including installing cathedral ceilings and creating a bedroom large enough to fit a queen-size bed and a full bath.

“The kitchen and kitchen counters are a decent size, and I have decorative tiles above the stove,” she said.

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