The Truth is Out There! Many Spied “Unexplained Sightings” During COVID-19 Quarantine

unexplained sighting
Image via Frank Guy at Creative Commons.
What IS that?!

U.S. national intelligence officials are currently preparing a Congressional report on unexplained sightings in the sky. Cassie Miller looked (up) at the issue from an in-state perspective for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. 

Butch Witkowski, founder-director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, said local unexplained sightings are relatively common. Since January 2021, 49 Pennsylvanians logged UFO sightings on the National UFO Reporting Center‘s state report index. 

One person in New Hanover, Montgomery County, reported seeing about 15 orange circular objects flying at low altitude, another in April saw a ball of light that formed into a triangle and shot away into the sky.

Some of the unexplained sighting in Bucks County include red lights flickering, bright white lights.

Several people on March 7th reported green humming lights followed by red blinking light; as it passed, a separate set of white lights quickly vanished.

I wonder what Scully or Mulder would think about these unexplained sightings during quarantine?

More on this story of unexplained things in the sky is (appropriately enough) at the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.  

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