New York Times: Being Pandemic-Baby Parents Was ‘Brutal’ for Bala Cynwyd Family

new parents
Image via Pexels.

Being first-time new parents can be hard in regular times, but having to go through the experience during a pandemic presented unique challenges for a Bala Cynwyd family, writes Alexandra March for The New York Times.

“We had our baby at the end of April, when the pandemic was new and people were still wiping down their groceries,” said Leah Sarna.

And as this was their first child, the pair did not have any previous experience to lean on.

“We had no clue what we were doing,” said the new parent.

Due to the stay-at-home orders, the new parents were also unable to get help at their house from friends, family, or professionals.

Instead of in person, Sarna had to meet with her lactation consultant over Zoom.

The couple also had to watch videos on the internet to learn how to bathe their baby and look through Instagram accounts of other mothers to get some diapering tricks.

“I scrolled obsessively while my baby was cluster-feeding,” said Sarna. “It was brutal.”

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