Narberth Health Coach and Nature Lover Creates Wildlife Habitat in Back Yard


Dianne Moore, a health coach and nature lover, has created a wildlife habitat in the garden that surrounds her Narberth home, writes Jennifer Lynn for WHYY.

“It is a certified wildlife habitat and a pollinator pathway,” said Moore.

Currently, the cover of Moore’s pool that she uses during the summer is covered in tadpoles. There are also several frogs and a pair of ducks that often hang out in the garden.

In addition to animals, the garden is also filled with beautiful greenery.

“Digitalis and everything grows really well,” said Moore. “It provides a lot of cover for chipmunks, moles, voles, squirrels and little bunnies and, of course, frogs.”

Moore has also been adding more native plants to the landscape over the last five to six years. Her family has been using organic methods since they moved to their current home and they also compost.

“I love thinking that this is really wildlife-friendly. We are all dependent upon each other in the world,” she said. “Knowing that this is a place where wildlife can thrive makes me feel like we can eat safely from our garden.”

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