MONTCO Today, BUCKSCO Today Looking to Hire Goal-Oriented Individual to Serve as Community Ambassador

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Where can you live the American dream of building financial security, work remotely, and love every minute of it? Right here, as a part of our team that makes a positive impact on local communities every day.

American Community Journals (ACJ) – the parent company of VISTA Today, DELCO Today, MONTCO Today, and BUCKSCO Today – is looking to hire a Community Ambassador for the Bucks County/Montgomery County area.

We are looking for a “glass is 90 percent full” person – a dynamic, fun-loving individual who can get excited by the prospect of being on a team that will intentionally make the world a better place. By sharing the stories of local organizations, entrepreneurs, heroes, volunteers, and rising stars who are on the ground level, we are making a positive and sustainable difference in each community we serve.

We are seeking a fun, energetic, fearless, and organized person for this position. In this role, you will network with business owners, healthcare systems, financial services companies, local governments, nonprofits, etc. to understand what their goals are for 2021 and beyond. Then, you would help them understand how to get their stories into the news via our platforms.

We strive to provide a world-class employment experience where each member of our “work family” has a shot at the American dream of happiness through multi-generational financial security and has the choice of working from home or the office.

Candidates should possess the following characteristics:

  • Positive attitude (can light up a room with their smile)
  • Hungry for information and loves to be the go-to person with all the answers
  • Driven by success and goal-oriented
  • Dreams of building wealth
  • Wants to be part of a team
  • Coachable, humble, and not afraid to try new things
  • Comfortable speaking with leaders of any level, from county commissioners to CEOs and SVPs of marketing
  • Loves to have fun and joke around (light-hearted)
  • Open communicator (not afraid to be honest, but communicates in a positive way)
  • Yes-minded – naturally thinks of all the reasons we can do it before any of the reasons why we cannot do it
  • Hard-working – comfortable with receiving e-mails outside of normal hours but not expected to respond to them
  • Strives for excellence
  • Attention to detail (for example, listening to clients’ plans and then reviewing the deliverables before presenting to clients)
  • Looking for career longevity and the ability to grow with the company
  • People who act like owners. Acting like an owner will result in being treated like an owner

If this sounds like you, then you might be one of us! APPLY TODAY!

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