Thanks to Montgomery County Aunt-Niece Duo, Whole Families Can Work Together to Create Unique Art

Art9 Creations
Images via Art9 Creations.

Nancy Nevin and Maeve Nicholson, an aunt and niece duo from Montco, started Art9 Creations during the quarantine to provide families and friends with a simple and fun way to create unique works of art together, whether in the same room or apart, writes Alicia Vitarelli for 6abc.

Montco art team
Images via Art9 Creations.

The pair divide a single image into nine equal parts, and every participant receives a piece to paint, similar to a puzzle.

“It’s like a game, especially if you’re getting a piece that you don’t know what it is,” said Nevin. “As long as you put it down as well as you can, it will come together.”

The result is something personal and unique each time.

“If you kind of look at each piece, you can see that they really do have all kind of individual styles,” said Nicholson.

The finished product blends different styles, ages, and abilities.

Each available kit provides everything required for one project, including the tiles, paints, and brushes. The picture can be personal or chosen from the gallery.

And when the work is done, you can have Art9 frame it or print it on mugs and other items.

Read more about Art9 Creations at 6abc.

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