Forbes: Owner of Hatfield’s Sequoia Supply Made His Bank a Key Resource in Business Growth

John Keller deck supply
Images via Sequoia Supply in Hatfield.

John Keller, founder of Sequoia Supply in Hatfield, ensured to make his bank a key resource in the growth of his business, writes Richard Sine for Forbes.

Sequoia Supply in Hatfield
Images via Sequoia Supply in Hatfield.

Keller started the deck supply company in 1996 out of necessity.  He owned a small construction company building decks and patios but was often frustrated by a lack of supplies for his projects.

However his warehouse began getting frequented by other deck contractors and soon homeowners started coming.

This interest inspired the owner to open a spacious showroom and several years later, so he purchased an old gym with a 10-acre plot to build a new showroom and two new warehouses.

He was able to get a good deal on the property thanks to pre-approval by TD Bank.

“They knew my business,” he said. “Even though it was a large bank, it didn’t feel any different than the small banks I was used to dealing with.”

The bank also helped him obtain a PPP loan during the pandemic, helping him weather the worst of it and putting him into the position to consider another – this time e-commerce – expansion in 2021.

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