Two Conshohocken Apartment Communities on Track to Be Completed Next Year

conshohocken apartments in montgomery county
Images via Kevin Tierney, More Than the Curve.

Two latest additions to the construction boom in Conshohocken are progressing nicely and are on track to be completed next year as planned, writes Kevin Tierney for More Than the Curve.

Conshohocken apartments construction
Conshohocken apartment complexes on track to be finished as planned. Images via Kevin Tierney, More Than The

These two adjacent apartment communities are being developed along the riverfront just above the Matsonford Bridge.

The first of the two projects is a 426,000-square-foot building that will be known as Matson Mill.

When the construction is completed, this four-story residential apartment building will have 276 units along with a 310-spot parking podium.

Matson Mill is expected to be finished in June 2022.

Meanwhile, The Birch at 51 Washington is located between Matson Mill and the bridge. The five-story apartment community will have 304 units and an accompanying 366 parking spaces when completed.

The project is expected to be finalized in the fall of next year.

In addition to these two apartment buildings, SEPTA is also working on the construction of a new train station along with a crossing at Oak Street.

Read more about the two apartment communities in More Than the Curve.

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