Upland Borough Recalls October 1920 When They Beat the New York Yankees


No one knows it ever happened, but in Upland Borough, they remember.

The time in October 1920 when the New York Yankees played the borough’s semi-pro team and lost, writes Chris O’Connell for fox29.com.

Upland Borough Manager Michael Ciach is one Uplander who knows about the century-old exhibition game. It was played at Bristol Lord Field, 6th and Upland.

Yankees Upland

The field is still there today.

“Upland went up 3-2 for most of the game,” he said. “The Yankees kind of tried to mount something and couldn’t quite make it and the game ended 4-3.”

The only record of the game is a Chester Times article about it printed years later.

Major league teams back in the day would play exhibition games in various towns for extra money.

Babe Ruth, mysteriously, did not make the game.

“Rumor has it he was on his way down when he ran into a politician’s daughter from another town. Somehow, there was an accident involved and he was threatened by the Mayor of the town and he went home,” he said.

Borough leaders want the game recognized by the Phillies and Yankees.

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