The First In-person Prom Since the Pandemic Marks a Return to Normalcy for Springfield Township High School Students


Students at Springfield Township High School celebrated the first in-person prom since the start of the pandemic with dinner and dancing, writes Christie Ileto for 6abc.

Around 300 students were divided into groups at The Fuge in neighboring Bucks County. While one group dined indoors, the other group mingled outside.

Students had to wear masks and they had their temperature checked before being able to join their groups.

“We didn’t get a prom last year, so it’s nice to have a prom,” said senior Mkhai Marcano. “We have to wear the mask of course, so at least they gave us something.”

In addition to dining and dancing, the students also got to listen to an outdoor DJ and play some lawn games.

“I even brought my corn hole so that kids could play,” said Principal Dr. Chuck Rittenhouse.

As a bonus, local American Idol contestant Louie Knight performed for the seniors.

For a lot of students, the prom felt like a return to life as it was pre-pandemic.

“I am glad we can do this, go to college without any regrets,” said senior Sage Tawfeeq.

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