Local Woman’s Dating Guide Helps Men Go from Cringeworthy to Right-Swipeworthy

Noelle Benson
Noelle Benson.

An unexpected, married-to-single transition opened Noelle Benson’s eyes to how much dating had changed. Finding an available date meant hunting online, which often led to unexpected results at the ensuing in-person encounter.

Benson wrote about these surprises — some good, some not so good — in a book highlighted by Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

With extra time afforded by the pandemic on her hands, Benson wrote a dating guide. Her editorial viewpoint, however, was not advice to women on how to get the man of their dreams. It was to men, offering tips on how to best present themselves.

The result, What Men Don’t Know About Dating Is a Lot: Just Because You’re Single Doesn’t Mean You’re Ready to Date, addresses her overabundance of dud dates.

The dating preparedness reference book spans 22 chapters and provides men with frank and on-point messages at just the right time.

Her advice ranges from the simplest makeovers — get those teeth whitened, see a hair stylist — to enlisting the help of a gal-pal. The latter, Benson writes, can provide valuable insight on self-care, profile writing, and clothes shopping.

Ultimately, her book addresses how men can decide to be sincere when dating and live their best, authentic lives.

Read more about the new book in the Chester County Press.

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