Jenkintown’s Grant Blvd Owner and Winner of Beyoncé BeyGood Grant Talks Role Models, Other Projects

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Image via Grant Blvd Facebook.

Jenkintown resident Kimberly McGlonn, who advocates for sustainability and decarceration through her upcycled clothing brand Grant Blvd, has been receiving a lot of recognition for her work recently, including being named one of the Beyoncé BeyGood grant recipients, writes Beatrice Forman for the Philadelphia Magazine.

Grant Blvd
Grant Blvd

The versatile activist and entrepreneur has been busy with other projects as well, including the second season of her podcast The School for Disrupters.

“I interview community leaders committed to systemic change,” said McGlonn. “The conversations always leave me feel­ing optimistic and challenged.”

Her role model throughout the years has been Maggie Walker, the first Black woman to charter a bank.

She “used that capital to create jobs for Black women in fashion, and started a newspaper — all before the 1930s,” she said.

And when she is not working, her favorite place to grab a beer is Triple Bottom Brewing for a Training Montage IPA. She also stops by La Colombe for their peppermint cardamom tea, and for food, she most often heads to Kurt Evans’s pizza place, Down North.

“His ingredient combi­nations remind me of Milwaukee, where I grew up,” she said.

Read more about Grant Blvd in the Philadelphia Magazine.

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