Gladwyne Native and LA Designer Transforms Underwhelming Bryn Mawr Farmhouse Into Personal Oasis

Far Studio Gladwyne
Image via Sean Litchfield, Far Studio, Philadelphia Magazine.

Brittany Hakimfar, a Gladwyne native and lead designer for AD100 interiors pro Waldo Fernandez, has transformed an underwhelming Bryn Mawr farmhouse into a personal oasis, writes Sarah Zlotnick for Philadelphia Magazine.

Far Studio Gladwyne
The Office. Image via Sean Litchfield, Far Studio, Philadelphia Magazine.

Hakimfar, whose clients include Kris Jenner and Darren Star, decided to move back East from Los Angeles in 2017 with husband Benjamin to start a family.

But the home they choose needed a lot of work.

“It was very builder-grade, very cookie-cutter,” says Hakimfar. “It sat on the market for over a year – no one saw any potential.”

Then the couple brought in their favorite vintage scores and extensive art collection.

For the designer, the house had two advantages: it was close to her parents and had a huge backyard, so she decided to take the plunge.

First, she changed the reddish wood floors and light blue walls with her signature white alternatives.

The resulting look is “textured, layered, eclectic, and global,” she said.

However, Hakimfar opted to leave the dark walls in her office. The desk in the center is inspired by Charlotte Perriand and is large enough to spread her papers on and provides her with the perfect place to work.

Read more about Hakimfar’s farmhouse transformation in Philadelphia Magazine.

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