Got Junk? They Want It. Montco Brothers Start Environmentally-Friendly Recycling Business

Images via Rabbit Recycling.

Montgomery County native brothers Bryan and Matt Siegfried have launched Rabbit Recycling, a start-up that helps customers get rid of most of their household junk in an environmentally-friendly way, writes Avi Bajpai for Philadelphia Magazine.

Just a fraction of the items Rabbit Recycling responsibly recycles.

Currently, the company serves 250 customers in the Philadelphia region. The brothers send clients five or eighteen-gallon containers per their request. These are then filled with items they want to recycle. The list of acceptable items is extensive and covers items such as batteries, kitchen utensils, and light bulbs.

The containers are left outside before the company comes to pick them up. The fee for the small container is $7 and $16 for the large ones.

The brothers decided to start the company because they saw a need for a business that would help consumers be better environmental stewards – especially when compared with municipal recycling services.

“You put your trash bin out, you put your recycling out, you do an excellent job, but your neighbor may not do as well, and it all gets thrown into one big pile in the back of a truck,” said Bryan Siegfried.

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