After Fighting Trump’s Travel Ban and Taking on the Catholic Church, Running for PA Governor Should be No Sweat for Abington’s AG Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro
Image via Facebook.

Attorney general Josh Shapiro, an Abington native and former Montgomery County commissioner, is planning to run for governor of Pennsylvania in 2021, writes Robert Huber for the Philadelphia Magazine.

Shapiro has established himself a progressive from the start as attorney general when he decided to take on the Catholic Church and proceeded with a grand jury investigation regarding a sexual abuse scandal that greeted him on the first day in office.

“It is really the first thing I’ve worked on in my political career,” said Shapiro, “where I would have been okay losing my job over it.”

He also joined other attorneys general during the first month of his tenure in fighting former President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Then later that year he filed an injunction that prevented Trump’s birth control rollback.

However, his old-school approach to politics has also created some challenges for the governor contender. He still faces criticism from the left over his reluctance as a member of the Board of Pardons to approve more people serving life sentences who ask for clemency from state prison.

“This is a process where you have to be cautious,” said Shapiro. “You have to be careful.”

Read more about Josh Shapiro in Philadelphia Magazine.

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