Personalized Service and Relationships with Customers Are What Sets Huntingdon Valley Bank Apart From Others

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When one thinks of banking and mortgages, one might think—this is going to be another chore.

Not so with Huntingdon Valley Bank. Stepping inside their doors will actually bring you a sense of relief, of calm, and of joy.

In the 150 years that Huntingdon Valley Bank has existed, they have served thousands of customers that have become family.

The aspect that sets them apart from other banks is their relationships with the customers. Getting a mortgage, homebuyer information, a line of credit, or opening a checking account can be a daunting, even scary prospect.

Not so with this bank. Customers get all they need and more, a smile, assistance, even coffee and snacks inside of their 11 locations.

HVB hosts ongoing homebuyer seminars with local non-profit housing counseling agencies to help educate potential homebuyers on owning their next home, taking pride in helping prospective homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership.

“Our Loan Officers at HVB take a consultative approach when helping first-time homebuyers,” said Barton Skurbe, EVP & Regional Sales Director of the bank’s mortgage division.

Barton Skurbe

“We want to make sure they are comfortable with the amount of money needed for down payment and closing costs as well as where they want their monthly payment to be. We want to help them make smart decisions and get into a home they can comfortably afford,” he said.

“HVB recently implemented a new online mortgage application portal this past year that creates a positive experience for our customers when applying for their new mortgage,” said Skurbe, who has been with HVB for over two years and understands how people feel stepping into a bank for a major life event.

“It allows our applicants to authorize the digital transfer of their outside banking and employment information to be transferred to HVB’s encrypted mortgage origination system to avoid excessive paperwork,” he says.

“It also allows our applicants secure access to a mortgage application portal at the beginning, middle, and end of the loan process allowing them to securely upload their documents. This is unique to HVB and allows for a much quicker and easier process with less burden on the borrower.”

When customers focus on relationship banking with HVB, they find they stay with them, and not seek any other bank for their financial needs.

“We have many customers that wind up using several of our bank products after they have experienced the benefits and joy of becoming an HVB customer,” said Skurbe. “It’s one-stop-shopping and customers realize there is a major benefit to having all your banking services under one roof.”

HVB takes pride in being able to be more personable with our customers than many of our larger competitors. We cherish the human aspect of banking but still have all of the online capabilities and technology of the larger banks.

“It’s no secret to our customers who bank with us why we were ranked the No. 1 bank and No. 1 mortgage lender for the past two years,” said Skurbe. “It’s all about personalized service and caring about our clients.”

Over the past year, during the pandemic, HVB picked up many new clients that were previously customers of larger competitor banks. At HVB, a customer can call their bankers on their cell phone, text them, or email them directly.

“That makes a big difference when a customer is trying to get in touch with someone to open an account or ask questions about their existing account,” he explains.

Enjoy pain-free banking, and focus on the joy of relationship banking with Huntingdon Valley Bank.

Read more about banking with Huntingdon Valley Bank here.

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