Huntingdon Valley Sports Announcer Used Pandemic Lockdown to Contemplate Life

Dan Black, a Huntingdon Valley native and sports announcer, used the pandemic lockdown to think about what he really wants out of life. Image via Dan Black.

For Dan Black, a recently graduated Huntingdon Valley sports announcer, the coronavirus pandemic arrived just a few months after he started his first job at WWJQ in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, writes Frank Fitzpatrick for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

His tasks were to do a four-hour on-air show during the day and to do play-by-play for the local high school in the winter.

In late February, the Indiana University graduate was still visiting various tournaments. But when they began canceling sporting events, he realized things were getting serious.

“OK this may be a little different than I thought it was,” he said.

The ensuing lockdown and the lack of social interactions put Black in a bad mental place. But it also gave him the time to improve his cooking skills and think about what he really wanted from life.

“I still am very much in a situation where I battle every day with myself,” he said. “Do I want to call it quits on broadcasting? Or do I want to keep hoping that maybe when it’s all said and done things will get back to normal? I don’t know.”

Read more about Dan Black at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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