New York Times: While Some Colleges Struggle to Attract Applications, Several Montco Schools See Surge in Interest

Image via Swarthmore College.
A Swarthmore College student walks to class in the snow.

While many colleges are struggling more than ever to attract applications, several local schools are seeing a marked increase in interest from potential students after dropping the requirement for standardized test scores during the pandemic, writes Amelia Nierenberg for The New York Times.

“When students are trying to gauge their likelihood of getting admitted, they will often look to, well, ‘What are the test score averages?’ or ‘What’s the G.P.A. average?’” said Jenny Rickard, the chief executive of the Common Application. Without a test score, “maybe they aren’t sure exactly where to aim, or they think this is their opportunity to try to get into a more selective institution.”

While Ivy League schools have mostly seen the biggest increases in applications, some much smaller schools are also reaping the benefits of the adjusted requirements.

Haverford College has seen a 16 percent jump, while Swarthmore College recorded an increase of 12 percent.

Additionally, Penn State – which is a Big Ten School – saw an increase of 11 percent for its primary campus.

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