Nearby Chester County Doctor Playing the Role of COVID-19 Vaccine Matchmaker

Christine Tarlecki
Dr. Christine Meyer.

Dr. Christine Meyer, an Exton-based internist, is playing the role of COVID-19 vaccine matchmaker by connecting people in need of the vaccine with those who can help them get an appointment, writes Holly Harrar for WFMZ-TV 69 News.

It all started when Meyer put a call on her Facebook page for people who needed help with the vaccine. Within two hours, her practice had received 1,200 e-mails.

Within two weeks, the page has gained 12,000 followers and has turned into a resource for people to help and a lifeline for those who are desperate to get their shots.

“To say that, when one of our finders helps an older person find a vaccine appointment, it saves a life, that’s not hyperbole,” said Meyer. “That actually happens.”

Meyer has lost 35 of her patients to the coronavirus. It is times like these that inspired her to go to medical school.

“It’s so inspiring and awesome when a complete stranger maybe five hours away from somebody helps this older person secure an appointment,” she said.

The focus of the group right now is to help more vulnerable people first.

“Let’s help the people who really need it,” she said.

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