Local Medtech Company Aims to Offer Better Surgical Reconstruction Solutions

Christine Tarlecki
TELA Bio co-founders Antony Koblish, left, and Maarten Persenaire.

Nearby Chester County Malvern-based TELA Bio is a commercial-stage medical technology company working to improve surgical reconstruction solutions, writes Laura Brzyski for Philadelphia magazine.

The company was founded in 2012 by its current president and CEO Antony Koblish and CMO Maarten Persenaire. It designs and markets soft-tissue reinforcement materials to improve existing biologics as and reduce the negative physiological impact of permanent synthetic material on patients.

Most recently, the company has been focused on developing and refining OviTex, its surgical hernia mesh.

OviTex consists of layers of biological material made from ovine rumen. They are lock-stitched together using either resorbable or permanent polymer fiber, depending on the patient’s needs. This permeable design allows blood and wound fluids to flow through it, while its lock-stitching optimizes the stretching and prevents tearing.

And because it is made primarily of biologic material, OviTex can reduce foreign body reactions when used.

Currently, the company is not focusing on creating products related to COVID-19; however, it believes OviTex has arrived at the right time.

“Hospital systems are under stress and strain from the pandemic, and we think they need more cost-effective solutions for treating all patients, not just those coming in for COVID-19,” said Koblish.

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