Conshohocken Founder of Embellish Beauty Concepts Creates Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free Glosses and Faux Lashes

Images via Embellish Beauty Concepts.
Conshohocken’s Marcia Williams is the founder and owner of Embellish Beauty Concepts line of gluten and cruelty-free lip glosses and faux lashes.

After being laid off from her position as a hair and makeup artist at QVC, Conshohocken’s Marcia Williams founded Embellish Beauty Concepts, a line of gluten and cruelty-free lip glosses and faux lashes, writes Melissa Jacobs for Main Line Today.

Her products are designed for people of all colors and she is currently in talks with several national retailers to bring her line to stores nationwide.

She was first inspired to start her own line by her grandmother.

“Even if she didn’t have a full face of makeup, she always had on lipstick,” said Williams.

She decided to make her product without harsh dyes or chemicals as she had been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. The name came to her in the early hours of the morning.

“I was thinking about a name, and Embellish popped into my head,” she said. “I thought, ‘That’s cute. Let’s go with that.’”

She puts a special emphasis on diversity in her business because she sees it as a part of herself.

“Two of my grandparents were full-blooded Native American,” she said. “Another grandparent was Black, and the other was Italian.”

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