Acclaimed Abstract Painter Continues to Reinvent Herself

Vicki Vinton.

Chester County’s Vicki Vinton, an acclaimed abstract painter whose works are awash in form and color, continues to reinvent herself and discover new art forms, writes Roger Morris for The Hunt magazine.

Vinton knew art was in her future from a young age when a famous artist, Carolyn Blish, liked her watercolors and began mentoring her. She continued painting through high school, before heading out to the University of Denver.

“I wanted more training, but I found out that the art instruction was not that good,” she said.

Soon, she switched to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She started a landscaping company after college, which led her to a 25-year career as a faux artist.

“Back in the day, every grand house in the region had walls painted by Vicki,” said Vickie Manning, owner of Somerville Manning Gallery in Greenville, Del.

Vinton returned to painting about 10 years ago. After first focusing on realism, she discovered that her true passion lies in the abstract.

Today, she is getting restless once again and recently tried her hand at sculpture. Now, she is not sure where her art will take her, but she has no plans to slow down.

Read more about Vicki Vinton in The Hunt magazine here.

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