Lower Merion High School Seniors Navigate Pandemic-Altered College Application Process

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In a school year like no other, Lower Merion High School seniors have to navigate the significantly changed college application process.

In a school year like no other, Lower Merion High School seniors are being forced to navigate the significantly altered college application process, writes Davis Giangiulio for Main Line Today.

One of the biggest changes is the absence of college tours.

“I was applying to schools in the U.K., so I was planning to go there in May,” said senior Jacqueline Munis.

Instead she, like so many others, had to settle for virtual tours. And not all are going well. For Lower Merion’s Claire Sun the first experience was very jarring.

“I didn’t like the interface, and it was hard to move around the campus,” she said. “I didn’t feel like I was actually experiencing the environment. After that, I lost interest entirely.”

Another change comes from the fact that many colleges have made standardized testing scores optional. Despite this, some seniors are still taking the SAT and ACT in the hopes of standing out.

Students are also frustrated by limited in-person access to teachers as they are hoping that those who are making recommendations check their mail often and are making sure all the deadlines are met.

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