See What Were Most Popular Google Searches for This Year in Region


Google has released its list of trending searches for 2020 which shows that Philadelphians were most interested in the “election results” and “coronavirus,” writes Paige Gross for the

Other terms in the top five for the region included “Kobe Bryant,” “Flayers” (often spelled as “Fliers,”) and “Naya Rivera.”

The top three match the most popular searches at the national level, which also included “coronavirus update,” “coronavirus symptoms,” and “who is winning the election.” Other trending searches nationwide included “Chadwick Boseman,” and “Playstation 5.”

Among people searches, President-elect Joe Biden was at the top of the list.

Somewhat unsurprisingly however, searches for “sourdough bread recipe” reached an all-time high.

According to Google, this was also the year of “why?” Users most often looked for answers to questions such as “Why is it called COVID-19?” and “Why is mental health important?”

The term “how to help” reached new heights in searches with phrases like “how to help Australia fires” and “how to help Black Lives Matter.”

And despite everything negative that has happened this year, people still remained inquisitive and optimistic, wondering “why do people dream?” and “why is Mars red?”

Read more about the trending searches at the by clicking here.

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