Local Youth Baseball Team Donates $9K to CHOP’s COVID-19 Fund

Montgomery Spartans, a North Wales youth baseball team, have donated the money they collected to travel for a canceled tournament to the CHOP’s COVID-19 fund. Image via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

When the long-awaited tournament Montgomery Spartans, a North Wales youth baseball team, was preparing for got canceled due to the pandemic, the young players decided to use the money they had collected for their trip to do some good, writes Marc Narducci for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

During preparations for the 12-and-under at Cooperstown Dreams Park, the team raised around $9,000 for travel and other expenses.

The players spent years raising the money for the trip as this would be the final year they could participate in the tournament.

When COVID-19 forced the organizers to cancel the event, the students were understandably disappointed, but also saw an opening to do something to help others.

So instead of spending the funds on something frivolous, they donated all of the money to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s COVID-19 fund.

Spartans coach Jim Bailey said the idea to gift the money came from the entire team.

“The families all decided together to donate it to charity,” he said.

The team have dedicated their donation to DJ Farrar, a team member who died seventeen years ago at the age of 13 from brain cancer.

Read more about the Montgomery Spartans at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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