Overwhelmed Moms Trust Milestone Therapy Group to Help Their Kids Talk

Sarah Mayland spends some quality time with her 5-year-old son, Jack, working on a crossword puzzle. Therapists at Milestone Therapy Group have been able to help Jack with his comprehension and sequencing skills, improving his ability to communicate.

By David Bjorkgren

Sarah Mayland’s 5-year-old son, Jack, has autism and trouble communicating. He needs the support of services like Milestone Therapy Group (MTG) in Bala Cynwyd.

“I feel I can trust them which, as a parent, is really important,” Sarah said.

Ashley White, speech therapist and owner of Milestone Therapy Group, spent an hour on the phone with Sarah learning about Jack, even before she started seeing him, Sarah recalled.

She’s impressed with how committed they are to each child.

That sentiment is echoed by Erin Caroulis, whose 3-year-old son James also receives therapy at MTG.

“Ashley’s approach [to speech therapy] is truly family-friendly and engaging. James has made so much progress in the six months we have been working with Milestone,” Caroulis says. “James is so proud of himself and what he accomplished.”

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Kyle White, MTG’s Director of Business attributes MTG’s success to four approaches:

  • Creating a playful environment for the child that reaches them where they are. “The thing that I found in the practice as a whole… is that they are really passionate about meeting the kids where they are, working with them in a way that connects with their interests and their needs,” Sarah said. Kyle reiterated, “Kids that are having fun just naturally come out of their shell and want to engage, interact, and build a more natural relationship with the therapist.”
  • Keeping the same therapist. MTG is proud to be a small, independent practice where parents and children can rest easy knowing that their kids aren’t being bounced around from therapist to therapist in the name of a bigger bottom line. Parents want the security of knowing who their child is going to be seeing. Having a consistent therapist helps children progress more effectively because there is a strong safe relationship in place.
  • Family involvement. MTG therapists give parents the tools they need to continue the therapy work outside of sessions by working their techniques into every day interactions and activities with minimal effort required from the “As a busy mom and small business owner I don’t have a lot of extra time, so knowing there are things I can do that don’t involve a lot of work on my end and are still making a difference for Jack is a God-send.” says Sarah Mayland.
  • Female and veteran leadership. Kyle is a former Marine so his drive to always give the best he can to help others runs strong. Ashley is a certified and licensed Speech Therapist with several years’ experience specializing in early intervention.

When a child has a problem, it can be overwhelming and frustrating for both parents and children.  Issues like unclear speech, trouble understanding language or putting words together create a barrier to successful communication.

Sarah said that when Jack started with MTG, he was having trouble with comprehension, sequencing, and communicating his needs.

Now, thanks to MTG, Sarah and her husband are having better conversations with Jack because he is able to understand what is going on, can use his sequencing skills to talk about how to play games he likes, or share what he did at preschool.  Because he can communicate his needs better, Sarah has noticed a huge decrease in the number of tantrums Jack has.

The team at MTG gives parents the peace of mind they need to know that they are not alone — they have a group of supportive, expert therapists by their side to help their child reach their full potential.

To find out more, visit www.milestonetherapygroup.com, or call 610-628-0249. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram @MilestoneTherapyGroup.

MTG is located at 191 Presidential Blvd. in Bala Cynwyd and accepts most forms of insurance, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

MTG offers therapy covering speech and language delay, speech and language impairment, articulation disorders, Apraxia of speech, fluency/stuttering disorders, phonological processing disorders, social and pragmatic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, prematurity and high-risk infants,  auditory processing disorders and other various developmental and neurological disorders.

Additionally, MTG offers Occupational Therapy, which helps children with daily activities like getting dressed or using the bathroom, sensory processing, and improving gross and fine motor skills.

Tele-therapy is available for those who are not yet comfortable with in-person sessions.



David Bjorkgren is the editor of DELCO.Today with 35 years of experience generating news content for print and online publications. David is a 54-year resident of Drexel Hill in Delaware County, PA.



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