TLC Celebrates 50 years of Transforming Lives and Communities

It's a lighthearted celebration of The Lincoln Center's 50th anniversary. Shown are (from left) ; Rob D'Alonzo, MA, LPC, Chief Clinical Officer; GT Freeman, PhD, MBA, President and CEO; Sarah Dryka,MS, Human Resources Manager; and April Thomas, M.Ed., Chief Schools Officer. Image via The Lincoln Center.

For decades, The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth (TLC) has been providing alternative education and social services to at-risk youth and families.

As it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, TLC continues to be an innovative leader in education, coaching and counseling.

Founded in 1970 by Eagleville Hospital, TLC works to close the gap in traditional education and behavioral health services.

Using a proven research-based Transformational Education model, TLC improves student and client outcomes through client-focused practices in a supportive organizational climate.

This model utilizes authentic engagement, meaning making, personalized support and stimulated curiosity. It has transformed lives and communities throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

In 1973, soon after its founding, TLC began school-based staffing services, recognizing the need for additional socioemotional support services for students in local school districts. School-based staff support students through counseling and therapy sessions.

The TLC Leadership Academy (formerly Lincoln Academy) launched in 1975 and provides alternative education placement for students who need additional social, emotional, and mental health support.

Though the doors had been open for years, The Lincoln Center was finally incorporated in 1983.

Through its developed programs, TLC provides counseling and therapy, positive behavioral interventions and supports, college and career readiness services, and alternative education.

Just four years after being incorporated as a non-profit, in 1987, TLC began providing counseling services for victims of crime.

Funded by federal grants administered through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), TLC’s programs provide free mobile counseling and art therapy services for any resident of Montgomery County affected by crime.

TLC’s success over the last 50 years continues to motivate its dynamic team, led by Dr. GT Freeman, TLC’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“I’ve seen firsthand the difference that our talented and dedicated team makes in our community as they passionately live out TLC’s vision to equip individuals and families with the will and skill to reach their full potential,” said Dr. Freeman. “TLC is honored to have served the Greater Philadelphia Area for over 50 years, providing education, coaching and counseling services.”

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