Horsham Third-Grader Takes Top Spot in National Toy Competition with ‘Slap Happy’ Invention

Emery Alderson - 6ABC - MONTCO Today
Horsham third-grader Emery Alderson recently won the Chicago Toy Game Week Young Inventor Challenge with her invention called “Slap Happy.” Image via 6ABC.

Horsham third-grader Emery Alderson recently took top spot at the Chicago Toy Game Week Young Inventor Challenge with her invention called “Slap Happy,” according to a staff report from 6abc.

A major toy company, Magformers, picked her toy as the winner. The young inventor was overjoyed that her toy was selected as the winner.

“It felt really great,” she said. “I was actually kind of shocked. I was really, really excited. I was jumping up and down.”

The toy is a hand with interchangeable logos that makes it possible to give high fives while still keeping socially distanced.

Alderson joined the competition after her teacher at Simmons Elementary tasked the entire class with coming up with an invention as part of the virtual lesson plan.

“It really goes to show me that if I put my head to something I can really work on it and I can make it great,” said Alderson. “Sometimes it will work out sometimes it won’t, but this time it worked out, and it’s really great.”

The third-grader won the prize package of $250 worth of toys and games.

Read more about Emery Alderson’s invention at the 6abc by clicking here.

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