Board of Commissioners Votes to Establish TDM Policy for Lower Merion Township, making it First In Region

Lower Merion Township’s Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution to establish a TDM policy, making it the first such policy for the region. Image via Montgomery County Planning Commission.

Lower Merion Township’s Board of Commissioners has voted to adopt a resolution to establish a TDM policy, making it the first such policy for the region.

The township is also the recipient of a Transportation and Community Development Initiative grant, which was used to fund this project.

King of Prussia-based GVF was hired to work on the initiative to evaluate how people are commuting throughout the Township and identify TDM strategies that would help improve mobility options. This active management of how people are moving around the area creates a more efficient and safe transportation system that also reduces congestion and air pollution.

“We are so pleased to complete this project, prepare a Transportation Demand Management Policy, and have our forward-thinking Board of Commissioners adopt the policy for Lower Merion Township,” said Ernie McNeely, Lower Merion Township Manager.

The policy, which is currently voluntary, was developed based on GVF’s extensive national search on best practices and TDM ordinances. The various set goals include a five to seven percent reduction in peak-hour trips at key intersections within six years, an increasing amount of saved vehicle miles traveled, and more public outreach efforts to promote multi-modal transportation.

Read more about GVF and the new TDM Policy in Lower Merion Township here.

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