Limerick Township Once More Approves Soccer Complex Proposed By Bala Cynwyd Limited Partnership

A soccer complex proposed by Bala Cynwyd limited partnership Grass Sports Property has received approvals from the Limerick Township Zoning Hearing Board.

A soccer complex that Bala Cynwyd limited partnership Grass Sports Property is hoping to build on a 17.2-acre lot in Limerick has once more received approvals from the township’s Zoning Hearing Board, writes Joe Zlomek for the Sanatoga Post.

The complex will include three outdoor and two indoor soccer fields. The indoor fields would be located inside a 57,800-square-foot building.

The property is in an office and limited industrial zoning district. The owners also sought relief from the zoning board for outdoor lighting, direct vehicular access, off-street parking, and two right-of-way limitations.

Similar relief was granted eight years ago by the board members, but by the time financial and other issues regarding the project were resolved the variance approvals had expired, according to Solicitor Charles D. Garner Jr.

Also, some changes to the surrounding properties since the first approval was issued required some minor adjustments to the project plans, including redesigning parking and field locations. Other than that, the plans remained almost identical to those that were submitted and approved eight years ago.

The principals are now preparing to move ahead with construction.

Read more about the proposed complex at the Sanatoga Post by clicking here.

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