Merck Partners with La Salle University to Offer Faster Paths to Life Science Careers

Merck, the pharmaceutical giant with significant local operations in West Point north of Lansdale, partnered with La Salle University to prepare students for careers in the life science industry.

Merck, the pharmaceutical giant with significant operations in Montgomery County, has teamed up with La Salle University to prepare students for life science industry careers, writes Queen Muse for the Philadelphia Magazine.

The two have partnered with Pathway for Patient Health to offer an innovative curriculum to undergraduate students aimed at offering them faster paths to the rapidly expanding sector.

The new courses provide undergraduate students with access to education and training opportunities that are specific to careers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, animal health, and consumer goods industries. These experiences are usually reserved for graduate students or even early-career professionals.

Additionally, according to David Zuzga, associate professor and chair of the department of biology at La Salle, the new courses increase the students’ exposure to career options which they usually did not considered when joining the biology program.

The students “usually see front line caregivers” such as physicians and nurses, “but they have very little understanding of the much broader life sciences, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries that support those caregivers and ultimately provide the tools to ensure and protect patient health,” said Zuzga.

Read more about the partnership at the Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.

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