3 Options to Get A Mail-in Primary Ballot in Montgomery County


Registered voters wishing to cast a ballot in the June 2nd Primary election can do so either in person, or, for the first time in history, via mail-in ballot.

On March 27, when Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 422 rescheduling Pennsylvania’s primary election from April 28 to June 2 due to the COVID-19 emergency, he gave voters the option to vote by mail-in ballot rather than going to their polling place on election day.

But time is running out! Voters who hope to vote via mail-in ballot must complete an application this week.

What may not be clear is there is a difference between mail-in ballots and standard absentee ballots used when a voter can’t get to her polling place.

To obtain an absentee ballot, voters must be registered and present a valid explanation of why they can’t get to their polling place.

Typical reasons individuals apply for an absentee ballot are students who not registered to vote at their school address, individuals traveling, voters with a physical disability or illness, people celebrating a religious holiday, and inmates who have not yet been convicted of a felony.

Members of the military who cannot get to their polling place on Primary Day, may also request an absentee ballot.

Unlike absentee ballots, however, voters desiring to vote by mail can do so by simply applying.

Any registered voter can apply for and receive a mail-in ballot. Here’s how:

Option 1: Apply for a Mail-in Ballot Online

Registered voters can apply for a mail-in ballot online with a valid PA driver’s license or photo I.D. from the PA Department of Transportation. (Check registration status)

Option 2: Apply for a Mail-in Ballot by mail

Complete the paper mail-in ballot application and send or hand-deliver the completed mail-in ballot application to Montgomery County Voter Services in Norristown. Completed applications must be received no later than 5:00 PM on May 26, 2020.

Option 3: Apply in person at Voter Services in Norristown

Prior to the close of business on May 26th, Registered voters may apply in person at Voter Services in Norristown. Once completed, the Voter Services will review the completed application and issue a mail-in ballot.

The deadline to return a voted absentee or mail-in ballot is 8:00 PM on June 2, 2020.

The good news is once the application is completed and approved, individuals have the option to request to be added to an annual mail-in ballot request list to receive an application to renew your mail-in ballot request each year.

Once an application is approved, voters will automatically receive ballots for the remainder of the year, and you do not need to submit an application for each election.

Shape your party’s agenda, make a little history, and stay healthy! Apply for a mail-in ballot today.


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