Einstein Medical Center Montgomery Nurses Asked for Homemade Masks and People from All Over Country – and Canada – Came Through

Image via Mainline Media News.

After nurses from Einstein Medical Center Montgomery asked for homemade masks, people from all over the country – and even Canada – came through for them, writes Gary Puleo for the Mainline Media News.

The request came at the start of April, when the hospital agreed it would be beneficial to start using homemade masks to cover PPE masks and extend their life significantly.

Since Amanda Jacobus, NICU Charge Nurse at Einstein Montgomery, did not know how to sew the mask herself, she posted a request on her Facebook page. Her friend made her private post public and it has since been shared more than 250 times.

“From there it was just so unbelievable,” said Jacobus. “I received over 500 homemade masks,” and they are still pouring in. Now, there are enough masks that she is sharing them not just with her unit, but hospital-wide.

The donations have arrived from both Montgomery County and all around the country. Some people even send gift cards for coffee and candy, which she also shares with her coworkers.

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