Montgomery County Basketball Coach Receives Life-Saving Kidney Donation From Fellow Coach

Image via Fox29.

Sone Saysana, a Montgomery County basketball coach who struggled with kidney disease for years, has received a life-saving kidney donation from fellow coach, Howard Reid, writes Jennifer Joyce for FOX 29.

“I feel like he’s family,” said Saysana. “I honestly feel like he’s family.”

Saysana is 39 years old and recently saw his kidney function drop to roughly ten percent. He knew that he needed a transplant but was not worried as he comes from a large family.

“I come from a big family,” said Saysana. “I’m fortunate and at that time all my brothers got tested. I was like yes, one of them is gonna be a match.”

Unfortunately, none of his brothers turned out to be a match. But then 57-year-old Howard came along. It turned out, Saysana’s fellow basketball coach from Towamencin Youth Association was a match and was happy to donate.

“I always had the highest respect for him as a man a person as well as a coach,” said Reid.

Two weeks ago, the father of three received Howard’s kidney and is now happily moving onto the next chapter in his life.

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