Qlik Helps Employees Find Easier, Environmentally Friendly Ways to Get to Work

Images via Qlik.

King of Prussia-based Qlik is helping businesses all across the globe to move faster and work smarter through its end-to-end solutions that get more value from data.

Now, the company has partnered with GVF to give employees the chance to learn more about better, environmentally friendlier alternatives for getting to and from work.

GVF works with private and public organizations to develop transportation demand management (TDM) strategies and other options that make it easier for employees to get to work.

Qlik partnered with GVF because it believes in being a good global citizen and boosting global sustainability. The company advocates for improving the environment and encourages all employees to make a positive impact.

“We’re excited to be in partnership with GVF, and look forward to continuing to work together to reduce gas emissions created by transportation in our area,” said Lisa Carraway, Senior Director, Internal Communications at Qlik.

As part of this partnership, Qlik employees recently participated in a “Lunch and Learn” event led by GVF’s Deputy Executive Director, Maureen Farrell.

Farrell kicked off the event by indicating that Philadelphia owns the dubious distinction of being among the Top 10 Worst American Cities for Commuters. Also, the region has a growing number of vehicles on the road, which adversely affects the environment and lengthens commute time.

“Transportation is now the No. 1 source of emissions,” Farrell said. “People are commuting well over an hour, and it impacts their quality of life and their work performance.”

One alternative is carpooling. Despite still having to sit in traffic, sharing the driving helps save on gas and maintenance. It also removes one car from the road, which helps the environment.

Another option presented at the “Lunch and Learn” was vanpooling.

“Employees can save up to $6,000 a year on commuting expenses simply by sharing a ride,” said Kate Cowperthwait, Commute Sales Executive at Commute with Enterprise.

The company provides luxury SUVs and vans with numerous amenities aimed at improving the journey to and from work. Vanpooling can be anywhere from five to 15 passengers.

For some employees, there is also an option of biking to work or even working from home.

By the end of “Lunch and Learn,” Qlik employees had several good options to consider as an alternative to their vehicles.

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