King of Prussia-Based Nonprofit on a Global Mission to Empower Women, Girls to Find Their Voice


Image via the Women’s Empowerment Series.

Girls are often bombarded with messages that they aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or thin enough. It’s difficult for girls at an impressionable age to decipher what is a healthy message versus what is marketing.

As a result, the Women’s Empowerment Series, Inc. – a nonprofit based in King of Prussia – has created the Girls Empowerment Zone to deliver a different message to girls.

“We want our girls to have messages of positivity, self-acceptance/love, and healthy behaviors while learning to be fantastic young ladies,” said Lisa Dent, the founder and president of the Women’s Empowerment Series who possesses a bachelor’s degree in Community Heath and Sociology and a master’s degree in Health Education/Health Services.

As part of its Girls Empowerment Zone, the Women’s Empowerment Series will host a Mother-Daughter Retreat from May 15-17 at the Chubb Hotel & Conference Center in Lafayette Hill. The purpose of the retreat – where participants will unplug from their chaotic everyday lives, quiet their minds, and strengthen and enhance their relationships while finding a balance within – is to celebrate and honor the timeless bond between mother and daughter.

The Women’s Empowerment Series, Inc. has a global mission to teach, support, and empower women and girls to find their voice through interactive health education, advocacy, and entrepreneur programs.

“Every woman and girl deserve and are entitled to be heard, respected, and valued,” said Dent. “Unfortunately, these fundamental rights, across the global landscape, aren’t practiced 100 percent. I wanted to be part of an organization that helps women and girls take ownership of their lives through health, advocacy, and business ownership.”

Click here to learn more and register for the Mother-Daughter Retreat.

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