Salus University, St. Joseph’s Boasts Four of the 50 Top-Paying Graduate Degree Programs in Greater Philly

St. Joseph's University campus. Image via St. Joseph's University.

Two programs from Salus University and two from St. Joseph’s University  are ranked among the 50 top-paying graduate degree programs in Greater Philadelphia, writes Kennedy Rose for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The rankings were determined by comparing students’ median earnings one year after graduating.

Students with finance, management, law, and medical degrees are among the highest paid during the first year after graduating.

A degree from Salus University in allied health diagnostic, intervention and treatment professions ranked the highest for Montgomery County universities, with median earnings of $101,400.

Next was an optometry degree from Salus University, ranking 34th. It had median earnings of $95,000.

St. Joseph’s University’s  business and commerce degree ranked 45th, with median earnings of $85,000.

Last was St. Joseph’s University management services and quantitative methods degree, ranking 46th. It had median earnings of $83,800.

Read more about the region’s 50 top-paying graduate degree programs in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.

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