Development in King of Prussia Continues to Thrive Thanks Largely to Local Nonprofit’s Efforts

Shoppers exit the Lululemon store during a Black Friday sale at the King of Prussia Mall. Image via Jose F. Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Development in once sleepy King of Prussia continues to thrive largely thanks to the efforts of King of Prussia District nonprofit, writes Katie Park for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The township was always known for its famous mall that brought shoppers to the area. But while shopping thrived, the industrial business district continued to falter.

Then, 10 years ago, Eric Goldstein was hired as executive director of King of Prussia District. The nonprofit was created to “collaboratively improve the economic environment” in the township.

The nonprofit focused on modifying the type of building allowed in the industrial district to give people the chance to live, eat, and shop there.

Eric Goldstein, executive director of the King of Prussia Business Improvement District. Image via Jose F. Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Once that was completed, a public relations campaign was launched to improve the image of King of Prussia and tout it as a sleek, modern, and progressive town.

With this approach, King of Prussia saw an influx of restaurants and luxury housing units constructed by local developers. Soon, developers from other states also joined in.

Today, King of Prussia has new offices, thousands of more workers, and homes for them to live in.

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