Audubon Waste Company Awarded Two Whitemarsh Township Contracts

Audubon-based J. P. Mascaro & Sons has increased the company’s employee awareness program for the coronavirus health crisis.

P. Mascaro & Sons, the family-owned Audubon waste company, has been awarded two comprehensive three-year waste service contracts by the Whitemarsh Township. Each contract includes two one-year renewal options.

The two contracts start on January 1 and are valued at more than $10 million.

The first contract covers the collection, transportation, and disposal of Whitemarsh Township residential waste.

The second contract covers the curbside collection, transportation, and the processing of single stream household recyclables.

Pat Mascaro

“The Whitemarsh contract is one of the largest municipal contracts in the region, and our company very much values the Township’s business,” said J. P. Mascaro & Sons President, Pat Mascaro.

He added that the company is also pleased that the township decided to forego the incineration of its residential waste.

Instead it has opted to have it disposed of at the company’s modern, affiliated Pioneer Crossing Landfill in Berks County.

Under the contracts with the company, residents will receive a once a week trash and recycling services.

After being collected, the recyclables will be processed and marketed at the company’s fully-automated TotalRecycle single stream recycling facility in Exeter Township.

Also as part of the contract, yard waste will be collected weekly year-round.


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