PA Department of Education Deputy Secretary Learns More About MCCC’s Programs and Student-Centric Approach During November 15 Visit

Pennsylvania Department of Education Deputy Secretary Dr. Noe Orgega and PDE Higher Education Specialist Mike Dotts visited the MCCC campus Nov. 18. Shown are (from left) Mike Bettinger, director of Government Affairs and External Relations; Dr. Gloria Oikelome, interim vice president of Academic Affairs; Holly Ann Clayton, executive director of Marketing and Communications; Dr. Celeste Schwartz, vice president of Infomration Technology and Chief Digital Officerl; Deputy Secretary Dr. Noe Ortega; Dr. Victoria Bastecki-Perez, interim president; Education Specialist Mike Dotts; Jay Browning, vice president for Advancement; Dr. Michaelle Bown, executive director of Enrollment Management; Phil Needles, vice presided., vice president of West Campus (not pictured). Image via Amanda Conlan,

Pennsylvania Department of Education Deputy Secretary Dr. Noe Ortega and Higher Education Specialist Mike Dotts learned more about Montgomery County Community College’s programs and student-centric approach during their Nov. 15 visit to the educational institution.

The pair also used the opportunity to tour the campuses in Blue Bell and Pottstown.

“We are fostering a sense of belonging this year with a focus that all students will feel welcomed and that everyone has a voice and every voice is heard,” said Dr. Victoria Bastecki-Perez, MCCC’s interim president.

She added that MCCC ensures its curricula is relevant and will help students get a job with a sustainable income by working closely with its K-12, community, and business partners when updating and developing its programs.

MCCC’s leadership team also used the opportunity during the visit to provide examples of the college’s proactive approach to upgrading its programs and providing guidance and support to students during their entire educational experience.

For instance, MCCC has piloted some changes in its math offerings this year to move more students beyond remedial courses into credit courses.

Furthermore, MCCC is now offering 24/7 online tutoring in addition to its in-person tutoring.

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