Abington named to ‘Money’s’ 2019 Best Places to Live

Abington, Pennsylvania ranked 74th in Money's "The Best Places to Live in America," a list of the top 100 locations to live in the United States in 2019. (Image courtesy of Flickr).

“From cities to towns to neighborhoods, here’s where you should — and can afford to — settle down,” writes Shaina Mishkin, Prachi Bhardwaj, Olivia Raimonde, and Chloe Wilt for Money’s Best Places to Live 2019.

Abington, Pennsylvania ranked a respectable 74th on Money’s “The Best Places to Live in America,” a list of the top 100 locations to live in the United States in 2019.

Abington has a population of 55,240, according to Money, making it the second most populated township in Montgomery County. The median household income is $87,555, much higher than the state average of $56,951. The median home price is $278,845. Abington touts a projected job growth figure of 3.0%. 

Residents experience an average commute time of roughly 30 minutes, and usually benefit from good weather. Abington enjoys 205 clear days every year on average.

Abington Township is one of the oldest communities in Montgomery County. The township was officially incorporated in 1704, but unofficially dates back to the late 1600s, according to abington.org.

“Abington is home to some of the county’s oldest transportation routes, industries and churches. Many of these older business and transportation centers were the forerunners of modern Abington.”

Today, Abington is a desirable residential area that contains shopping, small businesses, and a few of Montgomery County’s largest employers. Communities within the township include Willow Grove, Roslyn, Glenside, Rydal, North Hills, and Meadowbrook.

“The mission of Abington Township is to serve the property owners, taxpayers, ratepayers and all who visit Abington Township in a professional and respectful manner while delivering cost effective and efficient services.” – Abington Township.

Two Montgomery County towns, Lower Merion and East Norriton made the list in 2017

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