Arcadia University is looking for esports coaches

Arcadia University plans to launch its new varsity esports team by fall of next year and is looking for four new coaches to help lead the program. (Image courtesy of Flickr)

Philadelphia is becoming a big esports market. The city is scheduled to build a brand new $50 million dollar stadium by 2021 for their own professional Overwatch team, Philly Fusion, writes Michaela Althouse for

The Overwatch Finals will be held in Philadelphia this September. Overwatch is an extremely popular team based first-person shooter

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The success of esports in the city has bled into the surrounding suburbs. Esports are also taking off at the collegiate level. Esports are so popular Harrisburg Univeristy’s team was able to find 16 schools from Pennsylvania to host for the PA cup.

Arcadia University, based in Glenside, is hungry to become the second school in the area with a varsity team. Widener University was the first, while Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania have student-run club teams. Arcadia announced that its varsity program will launch in the fall of 2019. The school is renovating a 1,500 square foot space for the varsity program. The space will be home to 36 gaming PCs and a projection monitor, perfect for a coach to be able to review games and to talk strategy with the team.

With a new team and a newly renovated place to play, Arcadia needs coaches. The university is hiring four new esports coaches for Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Rocket League.

Arcadia states that the addition of a varsity esports team will help develop camaraderie among the students, and that it will receive the same amount of support as any other varsity team.

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