Crayola Experience adds four new attractions for Summer 2019

Bigger, brighter and bolder than ever, the adventures of Crayola Experience help kids and adults alike explore art and technology, express their creativity, and experience color in a whole new way.

Just when you thought you couldn’t have more fun at Crayola Experience, the Easton family destination has added four new attractions to the 2019 lineup.

Opening this summer, Scribble Scrubbies will make a colorful splash. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in a larger-than-life experience with Crayola’s hottest, award-winning toy that fits in the palm of their hand. Every guest will receive a free Scribble Scrubbie with ticketed admission, which is theirs to color and customize; then, they can scrub it clean in a giant fountain of water and take it home to do it again.

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Anyone can be a designer with the You Design attraction. Guests can color, scan and digitally accessorize an outfit to their unique style, then show it off as part of a fashion show on a huge virtual runway.

Snapping selfies at Crayola Experience isn’t new, but this year Silly Selfies takes them to a new level. A robot unicorn, a rock star parrot, and a zany pirate bunny are just a few of the more than 6,000 possible combinations of digital masks guests can create for themselves before snapping a picture. Then guests can take their new larger-than-life selfies to a big screen and interact with them!

Also new this summer, Crayola Experience has unlocked access to Crayola’s new Create & Play app. The attraction gives guests the full experience of the subscription-based app, which is loaded with unique and kid-safe games to express their creativity and unleash their inner gamer.  And they may even learn a little something too!

“We are always looking for new ways for our guest to have fun expressing their creativity,” said Victoria Lozano, senior vice president and general manager of Crayola Attractions and Retail. “Crayola Experience brings Crayola innovation to life so these new attractions have been inspired by Crayola’s newest and most popular products.”

Guests can have fun with Create & Play, You Design, and Silly Selfies now. Scribble Scrubbies will open for play this summer.

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