1SEO celebrating 10 years of success and the people who made it happen

1SEO does not take passing the buck lightly, and they don’t want people who are looking to punch a clock and check off boxes. They have a history of winning and a culture of accountability. (Image courtesy 1SEO)

It’s morning in Bristol, PA, and all the cars in the 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing parking lot, which sits on the banks of the Delaware, are covered in pollen. A bunch of twenty and thirty-somethings are filing into the third floor of a former-warehouse-now-office – nay, “modern workspace” – that checks all the boxes of what you imagine is the typical millennial work environment.

Inside, there’s a kitchen stocked with free food. Desks that stand up and go down at the touch of a button. A basketball hoop, a mini-arcade, and several recreational activity stations (including ping pong, billiards, and foosball). You’ll find couches all over the place, too, on which you see many young faces – some bearded, some mascaraed – atop many young bodies – dressed in modern business professional attire – holding roundtable strategy meetings with laptops on their laps.

Appearances can be misleading, though, because this place is home to a business that’s grown exponentially since it was founded 10 years ago by Lance Bachmann and his sister, Jolin.

“I am so proud of our people and of how far we’ve come. We have a team here made up of a lot of new faces, but for each one of them, there’s another person who has been with us for more than five years. It’s because of them that our company has gone from literally a single desk in a room with me and Lance elbow-to-elbow, to an office in Levittown, then to a suite in an office building in Bristol, to where we are today, which is both an entire floor of that same office building and a satellite in Salt Lake City, UT.”

– Jolin Bachmann, Founder & CFO

It’s true: About half of the nearly 100 employees at 1SEO have been with the company for the better part of a decade. And, in all that time, those people have amassed countless industry awards, been recognized as advertising partners by both Google and Facebook, given back thousands of dollars and hours to local charities, and established themselves as true leaders in their industry.

So, who are they? What kind of people work at 1SEO?

“It takes a winner to work at 1SEO – and I don’t mean competitive people with a chip on their shoulder. I’m talking about the kind of people who understand that their success comes from their clients’ success. People who get that and act accordingly always produce wins for the customer and make a nice life for themselves.”

– Lance Bachmann, Founding President & CEO

Lance Bachmann isn’t your typical CEO, and his workforce is not your typical team. Each of the 1SEO employees carries themselves with an air of confidence, employing a no-nonsense approach to their craft. What’s more is that anyone who knows Lance knows that his customers’ success is the driving force behind everything he does as a businessman, and this is certainly not something that goes overlooked by his employees.

“The customer always comes first – always. Everything we do is meant to enhance our customers’ experience either directly by making tweaks to their campaigns, or indirectly by ensuring he or she has the best experience possible with us.”

– BJ Bergey, Director of Product Development

Can you work there? Would you fit in?

Most companies invite all applicants when it comes to filling a job posting. Their online portals and social media job posts often list requirements for candidates, and it’s not uncommon to see things like a requisite number of years of experience, certain academic accomplishments and other accolades they’d like to see in their prospective newcomers. But the people at 1SEO know that it takes something special to be a part of their team. In fact, if you ask one of them about what kind of person they want beside them in their day-to-day pursuits, you’ll get a direct, candid answer.

“This is not for everybody. You have to want to be successful, but you have to also hold yourself accountable. If you can do both of those things, you’re going to go far.”

– Bernie Ollila, Director of Content & Social Media Marketing

1SEO does not take passing the buck lightly, and they don’t want people who are looking to punch a clock and check off boxes. They have a history of winning and a culture of accountability which they believe is the primary source of both their growth, and their clients’ success.

“If I want to be the best that I can be, getting there can only start in one place: That’s with me.”

– Bill Rossell, VP of Client Relations

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Now that we’ve provided a snapshot of the kinds of people that comprise 1SEO’s roster of accomplished digital marketing and I.T. specialists, let’s have a few more of their employees answer some of the most frequently asked questions the company hears from both job candidates and community members who want to learn a bit more about them:

How much training does 1SEO provide?

“We educate our people constantly – we’re always offering both regular training during work hours and optional training after hours.”

– Heather Sadorf, Director of Internal Operations

What is it like at the 1SEO office on an everyday basis?

 “It’s honestly one of the most unique work environments you can imagine. We learn, we grow, we find ways to make ourselves, our co-workers, and our clients successful.”

– Sosa Rossell, Executive Director of Client Relations

How far can you go at 1SEO?

“The sky is the limit. As an employee, you have every opportunity to take yourself as far as you want to go. You can get hired as an entry level employee and find yourself in a directorial role sooner than you might expect. It all depends on how much work you want to put in.”

– Anthony Kane, Director of SEO


If you could tell people one thing about the 1SEO culture, what would you say?

“At the end of the day, we’re a family here. Our culture is one that is committed to the same goal, and we want to surround ourselves with like-minded people who work as hard as they play and who are motivated by creating success for their teammates and customers.”

– CJ Bachmann, COO

What’s one thing I need to know before my first day?

“Get ready to push yourself, strive for greatness, and realize your potential.”

  • TJ Butler, Director of Talent Acquisition

In Conclusion:

To some, it might sound like 1SEO is a place that moves at a different speed than other offices. To others, it might sound a bit too intense. And, if you asked one of the employees there how much truth is in those two assumptions, they would probably be glad to tell you that everything sounds spot on.

“If you’re looking for an opportunity to make the most of yourself, and if you want your life to be a direct reflection of your work, then we invite you to join our team.”

– Scott Fcasni, President of 1SEO Technologies

1SEO is looking forward to many more years in business, and with an exceptional team of dedicated digital marketers and technology experts, the potential of what they will achieve for both themselves and their clients is limitless.

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