Free Coors Light every time Bud runs an attack ad

In response to negative ads from Bud Light, Coors Light will be giving out free beer during March Madness every time Bud Light runs an attack ad on TV.

Free Coors Light is pouring from the taps at Kelly Taproom in Bryn Mawr!

Kelly Taproom has a new special tap called “The Coors Light,” one of five other bars in the country receiving the unique new tap. For the duration of the March Madness Tournament, every time Bud Light runs an attack ad against Coors Light, free beer will follow. The tap will light up, signaling a round of Coors Light on the house, writes Julia Hatmaker of

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The first shot in the beer war was fired by Budweiser. The “Coors Light Tap” idea came after Bud Light’s recent attack ads against Coors Light and Miller Lite for using corn syrup in their recipes. Bud Light’s new label shows off its simple ingredients: water, barley, rice, and hops.

“Bud Light has been attacking us out of frustration for weeks now,” said Ryan Reis, vice president of brand marketing for the Coors Family of Brands in a press release. “We believe people just want to move on. So we invented this smart beer tap that does the listening for them – and even better, turns Bud Light’s negativity into rounds of Coors Light on us.”

The “Coor Light Tap” at Kelly Taproom started pouring free beer on March 22, and will continue through March Madness. Kelly’s Taproom is located at 1107 E. Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr. To learn more about the bar visit the website at

In addition to Kelly Taproom the special tap will also be installed at Legends Bar in New York City, Rock and Reilly’s in Las Vegas, Texas Live in Dallas, and the Silver Bullet Bar.

For more information about Coors click here.

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