Tech Talk: Millennials leading the digital dining charge

Millennials' digital activities range from researching where and what to eat to sharing pictures and content during and after the visit. (Image courtesy

Going out to eat isn’t what it used to be.

Picking up the phone, making a reservation, enjoying a good meal and making your way back home have all become passe.

According to a report from BRP and Windstream Enterprise, restaurant guests, especially Millennials, use mobile devices to enhance the full breadth of their dining experiences.

The Restaurant Digital Crossroads: The Race to Meet Guest Expectations report, based on research conducted by Incisiv and sponsored by BRP and Windstream Enterprise, combines findings from surveys of 1,225 restaurant guests and 60 restaurant executives, according to a story on

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Digital is becoming deeply embedded into the entire dining journey. Pre-meal research is a habit across all generations and demographics, especially for discovering new restaurant choices and selecting fine dining options. Digital ordering (whether from home, by app or at restaurant) is a growing expectation while sharing results of dining experiences with friends via social media is a new form of entertainment.

This has significant impact on how restaurant operators need to think about the entire lifecycle of a guest’s dining experience, including how restaurant operations, processes and IT platforms need to quickly transform to support this new data-driven demand and influence.

Millennials lead this charge by using digital devices to enhance their dining experience over half the time (53 percent). Their digital activities range from researching where and what to eat (60 percent) to checking ratings/reviews while in a restaurant (51 percent) to sharing pictures and content (23 percent) during and after the visit.

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