Tech Talk: Horse blinders for office workers?


Employers will try just about anything to keep employees focused and producing, but is a new product similar to blinders used on horses going too far?

Open offices, all the rage earlier in this cycle, are starting to lose their luster. Studies conducted in recent years have found modern open-plan office designs to actually limit employee engagement and productivity rather than foster team collaboration, writes Champaign Williams for 

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One tech company thinks it has the solution for employees struggling to pay attention in an open office.

Electronics giant Panasonic Corp.’s design studio, Future Life Factory, has partnered with designer Kunihiko Morinaga to create wearable blinders called Wear Space to help with employee concentration and focus.

Open-plan offices are common in office design, particularly for millennial-dominated companies that favor teamwork and open communication. Though a popular and often cheaper design option, research shows the trend can detract from employee productivity.

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