Tech Talk: A peek inside the new Comcast Technology Center


Under construction for the past four years, and still months away from officially opening, the new Comcast Technology Center is a marvel of function and design.

“It gives a different personality on every floor,” Karen Dougherty Buchholz, Senior VP of administration for Comcast, said about the space in a story by Anna Merrlman for

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Trees and wood on the ground floor create an earthy feel, while upstairs, the office areas scream industrial-chic. Head up a few more floors, and the Four Seasons hotel bedrooms combine the two (along with Parkway views).

We got a peek inside the long-awaited development Monday, as the new Comcast Technology Center slowly rolls out its opening. Right now, the building at 1800 Arch Street—which sits just across the street from its sister tower, the Comcast Center—has around 1,000 employees working there. When the $1.5 billion project is completed in the spring, it will have around 4,000 Comcast employees and 500 hotel employees.

Hotel officials expect about 70 percent of the employees for the Four Seasons will already be Philadelphia-based, but that there will be a number of employees moving into the city to work.

The place broke ground in 2014 and when it’s completed, it will be a 60-story high-rise, towering over the other city buildings. It’s easily the tallest building in Philly, and actually marks the 9th tallest building in the United States, according to officials.

To read the complete story, and see photos of the inside of the center, click here. 

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