Tech Talk: Amazon Prime Video joins Netflix, Youtube in Comcast’s X1 platform

One week after Comcast CEO Brian Roberts hinted that new integrations were coming to X1, the company announced Amazon Prime Video will be available through the next-generation X1 set top box later this year. (Photo courtesy of Comcast.)

Amazon Prime Video, which creates original content like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and curates others like Mr. Robot, will soon join Netflix and YouTube in the X1 system.

That means customers will be able to use the X1 voice remote to pull up content in any of those applications from its main home screen without switching between apps or inputs, writes Michelle Caffrey at

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And what’s good for the customer is good for Comcast, which is also trying to hold back the fast-rising cord-cutting trend by becoming the “aggregator of aggregators,” capitalizing on consumer fatigue with switching between services and devices.

The company reported losing 140,000 video customers, showing a worsening trend for the company, but it’s actually fared better than other pay-TV subscribers.

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